Tot Land:

St. John of God Health Care Services proudly provides is the opportunity for a parent who has children and is suffering from a substance use disorder to enter treatment with their child(ren) without the risk or fear that they are going to be separated from their family because of the problem.  Our “TOT LAND” program offers a parent with up to two children (ages 0-5) is specifically developed to assist individuals with parenting skills, techniques and classes that any parent would greatly benefit from. 

Your day begins, waking up clean and sober with your child(ren) and having breakfast.  Afterward, you will start to get yourself ready as well as your child(ren) ready for the day.  Located only feet away you take your child(ren) to our LICENSCED DAYCARE CENTER where our highly trained and certified staff will work with them on everything from potty training to getting them ready for pre-school.  Meanwhile, you will be less than yards away, working on bettering yourself and your life so that you can have the relationship you dreamed of and your child(ren) can have the parent they deserve.

With various types of funding available, St. John of God Health Care Services is proud to offer this unique service. Being the only facility located in the High Desert to provide this opportunity for a person to better themselves as well as their child(ren) space is limited so call us today at (760) 241-4917 and press “0”.  Tell the person that answers you would like to speak to someone about the “Tot Land” program.  We promise – you will be glad you did!! (And so will be your kids and your family)

Recently graduated from this program?  You can continue to use the daycare center while you work or look for work!  Know someone who is looking for daycare for their child(ren)?  We welcome children from the community to join our family.  Our children are provided with both educational and fun activities that encourages even the youngest child.  Our loving, experienced and qualified staff work with the parents to identify the areas that your child would benefit from the most while being in a fun, loving and positive environment.  If you would like more information about the Daycare, please call (760) 241-4917, ext. 71512.